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Fun with Kids!
Recently have been doing monthly features for The Friend magazine. 19 months…so far!

Lots of horses!
Sometimes you get into a niche for a while and do a lot of related work. I’ve been in the American Quarter Horse Journal, Racing, Horse and Rider, Equine Veterinarian, Hoofbeats, Cutting Horse Chatter, Equine Retailer and Horses, Inc!
I was even awarded 1st Place for Illustration in the Livestock Publications Council Awards!

US Presidents
Got to illustrate a fun book timed to coincide with the US Presidential elections. Caricatures of almost every US Pres! It was good to work with Innovative Kids publishing.

Same kind of run of related work with a series of tech mags. Maximum PC, Maximum Linux, Tech Counsel Magazine, Intellectual Property and some others with really techie names.

Jules Bass
It was interesting to work with Jules Bass (yes, the creator of Rudolf and all those other stop action animated shows!) on a pitch for a series of books, shows, etc featuring a Vegetable Orchestra.

Highlights Puzzelmania
Got to do a series of books for Highlights for Children. Puzzelmania and Mathmania issues with fun covers and a ton of interior spreads. They were great to work with. They even invited me up for a big square dance in the Fire Hall!